jeudi 9 juin 2011

Amazon the best

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a shorter explanation. At Amazon's shareholder meeting today (8/06/11), he reportedly called Amazon's Kindle strategy "very straightforward."
Amazon has "the best purpose-built e-reader, the best e-bookstore, and the best ecosystem so you can read where you want to."
Il y croit et le marché aussi.
"According to Citigroup's analysis, the company will sell 17.5 million of the devices this year, generating about $2 billion in revenue. And it will sell 310 million e-books, for about $1.7 billion in revenue."

Alors ils débarquent quand sur notre sol ?
Avant Noël sûrement, on les voit mal louper cette période.
Combien de mois pour préparer cet objectif ? Je n'en sais rien.

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