dimanche 26 juillet 2009

L'article du futur

Elsevier est un poids lourd de l'édition. Le NYT consacre un papier à l'article du futur une réflexion de l'éditeur néerlandais. Je vous en propose un extrait :

  • A hierarchical presentation of text and figures so that readers can elect to drill down through the layers of content based on their level of expertise and interest. This organizational structure is a significant departure from the linear-based organization of a traditional print-based article in incorporating the core text and supplemental material within a single unified structure.
  • A graphical abstract allows readers to quickly gain an understanding of the main take-home message of the paper. The graphical abstract is intended to encourage browsing, promote interdisciplinary scholarship and help readers identify more quickly which papers are most relevant to their research interests.
  • Research highlights provide a bulleted list of the key results of the article.
  • Author-Affiliation highlighting makes it easy to see an author’s affiliations and all authors from the same affiliation.
  • A figure that contains clickable areas so that it can be used as a navigation mechanism to directly access specific sub-sections of the results and figures.
  • Integrated audio and video let authors present the context of their article via an interview or video presentation and allow animations to be displayed more effectively.
  • The Experimental Procedures section contains alternate views allowing readers to see a summary or the full details necessary to replicate the experiment.
  • A new approach to displaying figures allows the reader to identify quickly which figures they are interested in and then drill down through related supplemental figures. All supplemental figures are displayed individually and directly linked to the main figure to which they are related.
  • Real-time reference analyses provide a rich environment to explore the content of the article via the list of citations.
Et voilà on y retrouve un certain nombres d'items sur les quels je travaille, plus évidemment des idées à développer. Cette réflexion "web 2 ou web 3" n'est pas encore un standard, loin de là, mais chez Amazon, Sony ou Irex on ferait bien d'y réfléchir pour ne pas faire du DX et autres IR 1000 une pâles copie de la Gazette de T Renaudot.

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